Achievements in 2022

We faced a number of external and internal challenges in 2022. To ensure the resilience of our business, we had to redesign existing business processes and revisit our approach to many business elements. That said, the Company delivered on its key objective of providing customers with high-quality and fresh goods in a timely and complete manner.

In spite of the headwinds, we continued to grow organically by opening new stores and experimenting with new formats. Magnit focused on efficiency and localisation. We ramped up our own production capacities to bolster our independence from fluctuations of external markets, create new jobs, and build trust in the quality of the products we offer to our customers. In the reporting period, we placed particular emphasis on contracts with local suppliers, which have favourable impact on economy across our regions and maintain customer confidence. We have invested a lot of effort into streamlining our supply chain management by optimising our warehouses and selling space and mapping out new transport routes. Our logistics has proven resilient in the most challenging circumstances.

One of our priorities is to track changes and respond appropriately. We keep a watchful eye on the market and customer behaviour and identify new niches to become even friendlier and closer to our customers.

We will work hard to optimise processes, increase efficiency, localise, and cooperate with our partners. Day by day, we continue doing our job to become the store of choice for each and every family.

Highlights of the year

new store openings (gross)
26.7 %
total sales growth
12.1 %
LFL sales growth
RUB 32.6 bln
e-commerce GMV
72 thous.
online orders per day
70 %
increase in DIXY’s EBITDA after integration, bringing DIXY’s margin closer to that of Magnit
10.6  days
reduction in inventory turnover; RUB 42.1 blnBased on management accounts in accordance with IAS 17. cash release
Достижения в 2022 году

Strategic priorities in 2022

LFL sales growth

Smart ROI-centric organic growth

Development of new formats

DIXY stores consolidation and margins improvement

Improvement of the working capital cycle

Стратегические приоритеты на 2022 год