The management of internal and external reports of corrupt practices and ethical issues falls within the remit of the Company’s Ethical Values Officer. This role is assigned to the Department for Compliance and Antitrust Practices.

The Company maintains a 24/7 Anti-Corruption Hotline for handling reports of actual and potential violations of business ethics standards, conflicts of interest, abuse of office, abuse of authority, prejudiced behaviour, and damage to the Company.

The Anti-Corruption Hotline experts register and process every report received, including anonymous ones, and then forward it using an approved procedure to the Company’s functions and units in charge for doing analysis and making appropriate management decisions.

All reports submitted through the channels described above are handled in line with confidentiality (anonymity) requirements. We guarantee whistleblowers acting in good faith confidentiality of their personal data and protection against retribution. The Anti-Corruption Hotline is supervised by employees of the Department for Compliance and Antitrust Practices and the Internal Audit Department within the scope of their responsibilities.

In line with strategic goals and common practice, the Department for Compliance and Antitrust Practices defines the ways to evaluate the Anti-Corruption Hotline performance, the frequency for reviewing its operation standards, and the methods applied to identify compliance risks.

Сommunication channels: