Credit ratings

Following the European Union’s decision to ban the provision of rating services to legal entities, organisations and bodies established in Russia, S&P Global Ratings withdrew its credit ratings for a number of Russian companies, including Magnit.

In May 2022, ACRA affirmed its credit rating of Magnit at AA(RU), with a stable outlook, and on Magnit’s bonds at AA(RU). In September 2022, ACRA upgraded its credit rating of Magnit to АA+(RU), with a stable outlook, and of Magnit’s bonds to AA+(RU).

Magnit’s credit rating

Rating of Magnit’s bonds
ACRA estimate
Rating agency Entity or instrument rated Rating Outlook Date of rating (issued/reaffirmed)
ACRA Issuer (national scale) АA+(RU) Stable 5 September 2022
BO-001Р-05, BO-002Р-04, BO-002Р-03, BO-002Р-02, BO-002Р-01 and BO-004P-01 series bonds АA+(RU) 5 September 2022
BO-004P-01 АA+(RU) 6 December 2022