Business model

Magnit is further solidifying its position in Russian retail by transforming the business and improving its customer proposition. We strive to become the number one choice for our customers, employees and investors.

Our resources

Our customers
Our customers
>16 mln
customers daily
~ 361 thous.
people employed by the Company As at December 2022.
~6 thous.
>250 thous.
investors As at June 2022.

Government and regulators

Magnit has an efficient corporate governance framework that complies with Russian laws and the Rules of the Moscow Exchange.

Environment and communities

Magnit aims to integrate sustainability principles into all aspects of its operations and business processes.

How our business is different

Мультиформатная и омниканальная розничная сеть

Multiformat and omni-channel

>9,472 thous. sq. selling space
4,068 cities and townships
>10 thous. offline stores
and 31 dark stores
in 67 regions of Russia connected to online services

Крупнейшая логистическая сеть в России

Largest supply chain network in Russia

44 distribution centres in
7 federal districts
>5 thous. trucks
1.9 mln sq. m of warehouse space

Собственные производственные площадки и торговые марки

Own production capabilities and private labels

6 agricultural complexes
14 production facilities

Признанное качество и широкий ассортимент

Recognised for supreme quality and breadth of range

136 quality awards in 2022
14 quality control laboratories conducting
>3 thous. daily tests
>5 thous. private label SKUs
20% share of private labels in sales In value terms.

Value for our stakeholders

Everywhere for our customers

  • Adapting existing and creating new formats tailored to specific customer needs in different localities
  • Implementing CVM Customer value management. tools
  • Developing online shopping and delivery services
  • Improving availability of goods by leveraging new technology and communications development

Rewarding our employees

  • Stable wages
  • Employee benefits and perks
  • Professional and career growth opportunities for employees at all levels

Cooperating with our suppliers

  • Engaging local suppliers
  • Inviting supplier representatives to work at Magnit’s offices

Delivering returns to our shareholders

  • ~RUB 29 bln of dividends paid in 2022
  • New store openings payback with ROI ROI = OCF for the year with ramp-up phase / CAPEX. >40%

Economic contribution

  • Supporting social andeconomic development in the regions of operation
  • Hosting regional procurement sessions
  • Making timely tax payments

Supporting local communities

  • New jobs
  • Social and charitable programmes in the regions where we operate
  • Mitigation of our environmental footprint, including reduced waste generation